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Fuengirola - Spain

Altos De Majadal, 12 Tucan Edificio, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga

Key Holding
People you can trust.

We will hold the keys to your property in a secure safe located within PropEye office. While our operatives are on patrols or on route to your property, the keys will be securely stored away in a safe inside of PropEye Vehicle. A log book and serial number system will be used to log the activity with your keys and this will be available on request.

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  • Security

Helps to keep your home secure whilst you are not there.

  • Pets

    We can feed and water any pets for short term abscences.

  • Tradesmen

    If you need any tradesmen to enter your premises we can give secure access.

  • Other Services


    Key Holding and Property management: €780 + IVA/year.

    The cost of our basic package includes 48 checks to your property.

    We can tailor a personalised package to suit your needs and all our services can be contracted out on a case by case basis.

    Benefits Of Using Our Service

    Included in the normal key holding and property management fee

    Key ring with a house on it inserted in a front door of a home to unlock a secure entrance.
    Free estimate, no obligation
    Please fill out the online form

    Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you a free no obligation quote for the services you require.

    About Us

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